TTZ – Transform your mindset : Transition your life : Zen your experience

Some of you may know I run a foodie Facebook Page called @poloeats as a hobby for many years, (if you haven’t followed it please do so), so over the years in between my full time job, I have eaten at and visited many restaurant’s and takeaway places in order to share with you some of the best eateries and drinking places around the world.

With that, work and life it took a toll on my body, mind and sometimes spirit. I got bigger, my self image confidence got to an all time low and with everything else going on around me it also affected and clouded my mindset.

So in early 2020 I decided things had to change. My mindset, my lifestyle and my health. Through probably one of the toughest thing’s I’ve done in life in these 39 years I enlisted the help of a fellow good friend and Vegan Personal Trainer. I have been one to always be evolving and learning so this was no different.

Why did I enlist a Vegan Personal Trainer you may ask? People who know me know that I am a big advocate for everything meat and seafood, but this time I would see and test myself not just physically but mentally. Giving up meat is something I would never have thought I’d do in a million years but I had to see if I could challenge myself mentally. This in essence became my drive. To prove to myself that I can do it and that failure was not an option. It was only a 7 day Vegan Fitness challenge but to even do a single day I knew I had the work cut out ahead of me, but please note that I am not by any means saying you too must become Vegan as I will eventually incorporate meat back into my diet. To me it was a challenge to myself.

Over the years I have done various sorts of diets and trials.

  • No Carbs
  • Low Carbs
  • No Sugar
  • All Protein
  • Kambucha
  • And many more…

They all have had different varying results and some have failed but bare in mind all were in different stages of my life and with different intentions on what I wanted my body to be. During these different times I never sat down and thought about my mindset and mental state.

Why do I think this time around is any different? Well I think I was better prepared mentally than I was during other times, I had advice and someone to hold me accountable.

Everything I have learnt in life has made me stronger mentally and now I am getting to become as fit as I had been in during my athletic and sports years in High School.

I have found that with a positive mindset, motivation and strong accountability can overcome everything you set yourself to achieve. Without it failure is the only result.

Mentoring has always been a part of me for a long time, it has formed a big part of my career and being able to help someone achieve and learn has always been a personal satisfaction of mine, hence why I decided to start TTZ. To help mentor and coach those who want to take it to the next level and need that extra push and motivation to succeed in their career, life or health. Mindset & Motivational coaching with the added option for a physical well-being (if needed) through some of my relationships with Personal Trainers etc.

Let me help you on your mindset and motivational journey to a successful you! – Polo Bour (Mindset & Motivational Coach)